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    Feng Shuyi looked at Feng Tian who was standing next to him and looked around, compared to Wang Han, the child in front of him was just a brat, in fact, compared to his father Wang Han in terms of strength and condition. overall attitude. mentally, he is simply incompetent. It does not exist in the same dimension. Feng Shuyi didn't know what Ye Lin was thinking. If she knew that Ye Lin was surprised by her randomly splitting a mountain, she would probably laugh bitterly. Her strength After so many years, I'm afraid she's still the same person. the best, let alone compared to Wang Han, even compared to Qian Qian and the others who have lived in the sea of stars for 300,000 years, she is a weak existence. Now that I think about it, these existences have You can roam around this space without fear at all.

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    Then the biggest possibility is to find a lower world that has never been discovered before. This lower world is similar to humans, their perception of each other is quite similar, this is a better thing. my mind, "First of all, I will find a way to revive others myself. After I find it, I will go to the Holy City system and use their life portals to constantly search for space usable until I find something that is compatible with my life. After finding the lower limit of human occurrence and habitat, write down the space-time coordinates of this dimension. Then return to the previous dimension through the life portal, which is the world where Encore and the others came back to life. After Feng Shuyi and the others came back to life, then, solve like this for them and find someone who is willing to cooperate with me to reproduce. If not, I will find someone else. This should not be troublesome. After my child is born, I will take it to a suitable world, throw it into such a world, let it slowly grow, after doing all this, we can start trying to absorb this Roja, which is composed of all Roja broken souls. given by everyone."

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    Let's go, this is the end of this matter, Tien Do Group's doll, right? Vuong Han held the sleeping doll in the palm of his hand, then casually brought it into a room, letting the spaceship monitor it. He was preparing to do some research on his talent, but as soon as he placed the little Cetaphil on the clean bed sheet on the clean bed sheet, before the trap door on the hind legs was opened, the doll's ruby eyes opened, looking straight at Vuong Han, and As soon as the door closed, she burst into tears.

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    “I know you have a lot of doubts, but I also have some doubts.” Sorok got straight to the point, "I don't know how you could avoid their pursuit."

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    At this stage, as long as he doesn't try to die, it's not a big problem.

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    Well, you just introduced that this place sells slaves, I'm also very curious. Logically speaking, even if you wander, you won't be directly enslaved, right? smiled, "Just like your worries now, intergroup discrimination is a very serious problem, so if someone captures one of your spirit group and sells it directly, that Isn't that tantamount to angering the two of you? Conflict between groups, and because of this kind of world, shouldn't a neutral place like Lutford Starport be absolutely avoided? How can there be a special place? like that to sell slaves? Is that right?”

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    After he finished introducing the first two talents, a beautiful and pure golden liquid flame appeared on the tip of his index finger.

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    “There is also Manh Manh.” Vuong Han smiled and looked at Manh Manh. After Manh Manh saw Vuong Han, she also took the initiative to come over. Porphyrin also looked helpless, in front of him Mengmeng was a ferocious beast, an existence that could not be approached at all, but in front of Vuong Han, Mengmeng was like an ordinary pet, even There will be a little vigilance. no, this is the distance! Mengmeng didn't know what Porphyrin was thinking, otherwise she might just glare at Porphyrin. Just kidding, Vuong Han has been by her side for many years, and during that time the two of them have endured many dangers together. But what about your porphyrin? Come on, we don't have any contact at all, well, I'm tired of talking to you.

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    The original golden shield representing the heart of the sanctuary and the golden skull representing the black flame were half facing each other and they were irreconcilable.

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    The arrogant Black Fire of the golden group would never have thought that this star sea would have the same original power as him.

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    Of course, Vuong Han not only came here to watch others play soccer, he was completely disappointed with soccer, just waiting for himself to be hunted by others, but after a while, no one came to bother him. hoppers. him. , some people even nodded politely, so you can rest assured here for the time being, the soul is still controlling the storm and natural talent, to avoid temporary slacking off, he can freely stay on the planet. Walking around in this biome, he wanted to find some channels to know where this place was, but right now his luck was not as good as back then. When he first came to the Holy Capital system, there was a small group of Keles goblins. cute from the department came to look for him, now looking back, there are all kinds of people on this planet, but there is no one like him, so the people he meets on the outside are all strangers, now everyone Things became a bit uncomfortable, especially now that Vuong Han didn't want to show off too much, using his secret observation method, he couldn't casually ask questions, he could only return to Hinh Cuong to check a few things. public information.

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    When An Ke thought of this, she could understand Wang Han, if it was her, she would do the same.

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    He understands the world of humans and demons, and the overall strength of this world is similar to the previous humans and beasts. Feng Shuyi with this strength certainly does not need to worry about safety in past, and Feng Shuyi is not someone who likes to pamper people, having her take care of her is absolutely not a big problem, but for Feng Shuyi, when she can return to Tinh Hai depends on the child's Whether or not the child can fully grasp the natural gifts of time and space? to pass the plane and return to the sea of stars.

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    The difference with Feng Shuyi is that although she misses her previous feelings, she actually doesn't hate her current life too much. At least after earning a few breath points, as long as she doesn't arbitrarily spend them, then a a hundred Breath Points can make her feel better, living in safety and care for more than ten thousand years, so even the lower world can produce at most a million breath points, and a hundred breath points Breathing accounts for a scary proportion of wealth in the world, but it's really expensive. In these spots, breathing is still relatively economical. At this moment, a melodious divine song sounded behind her. This was the voice of a famous singer in her favorite angel music group. In the environment of big waves, it was often inaudible, but Vuong Tieu Uyen Just enjoy this melodious tune. the sound, the faint feeling is the most seductive, and this is her current state.

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    That's right, there's no way. I originally intended to ask this question, but the other person seemed to just come here to ask, and had no intention of communicating with us at all. Vuong Tieu Loan said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "But from what she said, she seems to have some relation to Xinggang, so the existence that can be related to Xinggang must be a stronger character, so we can understand that She actually met Uncle Wang Han before. But now I Look at her appearance, she doesn't seem to have any stories with Uncle Wang Han, like a little girl who once had a relationship with uncle Wang Han, then was directly conquered in an inexplicable way, from this point Qianqian finds it even more reasonable. At least we know that Qianqian was saved by uncle Wang Han when he was young, and was able to walk on such a path So in the future it can also be understood!

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    At that time, when Vuong Han started trying to call up the internal and external bond and alchemy furnace, just like now, memories suddenly appeared! Just like this, another method appeared in his mind. He bewilderedly tried to control the small breath ball outside to draw some orbits. This time, just like last time, he touched the ball. That little girl once. breath ball, small breath The light ball has become a true state, and it can be pushed, and after the manipulation of his soul that controls the breath is completed, an extremely bright flower blooming on the back of his hand, could be in the Rose family, but apparently not! And with this flower, Vuong Han seemed to have gained a new way of perceiving the world, he could actually smell the creatures around him... at such a distance, he could can feel. Flowers bloomed everywhere on other planets, some with less touch, and some with more touch... He could suddenly sense these things.

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    How did I do it before, or what made the breath willingly enter my body? Can we recreate the situation that year? As for that year, why did humanity have Horcruxes and did elements appear? The breath is in an illusory state, but in the process, more and more problems appear in front of Vuong Han. This is indeed a good thing. Discovering and solving problems can only gradually move forward. Before, it was absolutely better to just stare blankly, so now Vuong Han started trying to make his body tired, but after only a second or two, he directly gave up, not because he He gave up halfway, but because he knew when he started it was impossible. The ability is out of control and cannot be achieved through normal training. Staying in the room for a while will be tiring enough, so Vuong Han boldly abandoned his physical qualities directly.

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    Meteor King was a bit helpless. Although Vuong Han was so powerful and could easily destroy meteorites in the asteroid belt, he did not do so. Instead, he came to help him destroy them. destroy this spaceship fragment, then he should be able to take care of this newborn child... It's just that the other side clearly doesn't want to take the child away, and feels like he wants to run away... But Vuong Han really didn't have any ability to stop him from leaving, but after Vuong Han disappeared, they really felt they couldn't protect the child in their arms... Although They also don't know what this child is.

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    Thinking of this, Vuong Han was naturally no longer a pure person. Recalling what he had done, he seemed to no longer be himself.

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    As for why Vuong Han asked this question, the reason is very simple, single people are so close, otherwise Keles would already have a boyfriend, wouldn't it be unlucky for him to appear like that. And he just arrived here, and what he wants is to be discreet and not cause trouble.

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    Hearing that, the man helplessly smiled and walked out to the clean courtyard in front. Everywhere he looked was a quiet scene, "That's right, they can only miss the people who have loved them so much." full of hatred for people, it is Therefore, this kind of group should not appear in this kind of star sea, they are like gluttonous demons that never know how to be satisfied, if the other person is really a person with feelings and empathy, forget it, but this Group was born without it, their souls tend to be like that, and as time gradually fades away, they will have no other group except their own , laughed, I don't know how many times I will directly destroy those groups for some trivial things... They are the real rulers, cruel rulers, rulers who will push other groups to their destruction!”