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    Kuroshima Kazuo raised his head, looked into the dense orbit, and let out a howl of despair!

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    For the US Navy, March 1 is black. The dual battle group of aircraft carriers and transport fleets responsible for reinforcing the port of Antwerp was devastated by the Luftwaffe, the two Essex-class aircraft carriers sank to the bottom of the cold sea with pain and anger killing the enemy . at the bottom of the sea without seeing the Belgian coast, 13 thousand soldiers died and thousands were forever missing. For the Allied forces on the front line, this was an extremely heavy blow. After receiving the good news, the head of state emotionally gave a speech: "The Yankees once again shed blood before the mighty Luftwaffe. Antwerp is their grave. Even if it fills the entire US Navy This grave cannot be filled!"

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    Xue Min muttered curses: “This bastard, this war bastard!” Without any further hesitation, he opened the car door, got out of the car, walked in front of the little girl and knelt down, and softly asked: "Little sister, what's wrong with you? Why are you crying here? Mother where?"

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    Tiet Man took out a can of canned beef, opened it and said: "The quantity is limited, each class can get their own lunch box, to supplement some oil and water for the body." He also took a box. and threw it into the fire, and took out a bottle of milk wine and placed it by the fire. Everyone followed suit and threw the can into the fire. After a while the can heated up, expanded and exploded. Everyone ate a sizzling, greasy piece of beef. One person took out a steamed, greased bun. in the box, and devoured it. Xue Min waited for the box to explode and pulled it out. He cut off a third of the meat and gave the remaining two thirds to the captain. She took a bite of meat, then picked up the glass of milk wine and drank it all in one gulp. She drank it all in one gulp, her face was not red or breathing, everyone admired her alcohol tolerance.

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    Xue Min stared at the Japanese soldiers with infrared night vision equipment, watching them slowly climb up the hillside, a cold smile forming at the corner of his mouth. She said fiercely: "Here you come, listen to my orders, always honestly retreat towards me, if you don't have a gun, I will shoot!"

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    War is an insatiable monster. Once awakened, it will devour countless flesh and blood and astronomical resources. It is very fair, and treats both warring parties equally, and its desire for sacrifice is frighteningly great, and it is difficult to satisfy the power of the whole country. During two months of intense fighting, the German army achieved brilliant results, but the consumption rate was extremely shocking, such as guns and ammunition, the key being the X-4 air-to-air missile and radio. guide Fritz X. Bombs, the two weapons that made the German army invincible, are running out of stock. Of course, this is not a big problem, after all, the German army can manufacture these two types of equipment on its own. But the biggest problem is that the German army's jet fighter pilots with rich real combat experience are gradually withering away in the disastrous battle, and the newly arrived recruits can hardly adapt to a battle. such intense fighting for a while. The effectiveness of the fighter force is decreasing and this decline cannot be stopped.

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    Xue Min was also a little confused, damn, isn't the Japanese army famous for its fierceness and stubbornness, everyone is stubborn, do they just want to commit suicide when they go to the battlefield? escape? This drawing style is completely wrong! She wanted to chase, but one of her wheels had been blown out by bullets, unable to move. She was so angry that she used a grenade launcher to shoot at the fleeing Japanese soldiers, shouting: "Little devil, don't Don't run away if you have the courage!" , face me!"

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    Xue Min just laughed, she had heard such threats many times and she had formed an immunity.

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    Sugiyama's face sank like water, staring at the chimneys below, wishing he could press a button and throw all the bombs down, blowing these factories into flames. After witnessing the entire process of the US Navy going from weak to strong on the Pacific battlefield, and finally becoming a giant that could single-handedly challenge the world, he truly understood the power of the industry all too well. industry. Strong industrial power has given the U.S. Navy the opportunity to fail and come back many times, but Japan, whose industrial power is much less than its opponent, has no such opportunity. Now, the land turtle has formed such a powerful industrial force in Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia without making any noise, this is to force the Japanese invaders to die!

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    He was also impressed with the infantrymen, who were all dressed in snow-camouflage uniforms, helmets, leather boots, and they held rifles with banana-shaped magazines in their hands — the second lieutenant's kind. with a longer gun, As for the Red Star Rifles, the 2nd Red Flag Army has begun to change equipment, dense firepower, high accuracy, very popular with the Soviet army. It's just that this type of advanced rifle must first meet the needs of the European battlefield. The Second Red Flag Army can only change equipment in a small area, but at present, the Eighth Line Army almost has one!

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    As for the Japanese military, the situation in Yantai was deteriorating rapidly. The two divisions of the 27th Army swept across their last few plateaus outside the city with such overwhelming momentum that even a granite mountain several hundred meters high could not withstand their onslaught. The most fierce attack was from the North. Tanks equipped with two 57mm main guns completely destroyed the Northern defense line and rushed straight into irrigation works outside the city. More than 100 Japanese soldiers and armed foreigners were stationed in the waterworks and shot recklessly with many machine guns and 92 rifles, trying to stop their attack, but they still could not What can you do with those deadly tanks? Several tanks surrounded the water plant, like a few super-caliber heavy machine gun fortresses firing dense and fierce strings of fire towards them, and the entire water plant was engulfed in flames. Desperate Japanese troops organized death squads, held explosives and howled at these tanks, wanting to die with them. In the rain of blood. There was also a tank fighting against some concrete fortifications outside the water plant, using armor-piercing bullets not once or twice but in series, as thin as a thin piece of paper, the bullet core could easily be sharp. through, a large amount of concrete debris swept through the small space in the fortress like shrapnel, and the Japanese soldiers who were hit were all killed or wounded. The fortress has become a tomb, once it is breached, no one can survive inside!

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    The commander of the 6th Brigade, Major General Satake Katsuji, glanced at the wreckage of the severely burned tanks, and vaguely recognized three light tanks 95 among them. He sighed, the damn Chinese didn't dare to confront his brigade directly, they only dared to use fighter planes to bomb non-stop, what a disgusting thing! The most disgusting thing is that the pilots transferred from the Navy are loud and want to see the world through their noses, but when it comes time to use them, they are more than useless, ignoring enemy planes. flying over their heads Bombing indiscriminately, like entering a no man's land!

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    The entire garrison originally had only four brigades, with less than five thousand manpower. Now the four brigades have been used, and there is basically no reserve force. The commander can only pray that the 9th Independent Mixed Brigade arrives quickly, otherwise it will be difficult for him to hold these two cities!

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    Stalin's answer was: The German defense line in the direction of the Oder River is extremely strong, the Soviet army's direct attack will certainly cause heavy casualties, a suitable breakthrough must be found. Only then can the situation be successfully cleared.

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    Late that night, two brigades of the Araki detachment were quietly dispatched to try to launch a night attack. They thought that if the 139th Infantry Division could attack so easily during the day, they would definitely relax their vigilance at night. As long as they found the right opportunity, they could definitely break through.

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    Her waist, which had been straight until now, was now unbearably bent, and her whole body seemed to have aged twenty years. He knew very well that five hundred thousand armies might not be able to return. They knew nothing about the strength, layout and equipment of the Chinese army in this battle, they knew nothing, but the Chinese army knew everything, so this battle was lost from the moment they mobilized. Now that the Chinese military has gained air supremacy and cut off all his connections with the front line troops, he is like a death row prisoner waiting to be executed, with nothing to do but wait. execution in despair!

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    Ly Han pouted: "I know, no need to be so loud!" Looking at the airport with only a few Lightning fighter jets parked here and there, he sighed: "What I'm most concerned about now is when the main force of the Air Force will return... so big." . This airport only has a few planes, so shabby!

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    There is something wrong. Before, in every battle he was as calm as water, as calm as a humanoid computer, the more important the battle, the calmer he was, but this time... his hands had been shaking since he ordered the fleet to actually depart. During the bombing mission, His mind was restless, no matter how much he chanted, it was of no use, this is not right!